What is Chiropractic?

Most people believe that eating nutritious foods, drinking water, exercising, and getting adequate amounts of sleep will keep you healthy.  These things are absolutely vital to living a healthy lifestyle, but a key component is missing…… Every function in your body is controlled by your nervous system.  An optimally functioning nervous system and spine are critical to having optimal health.


When the bones (vertebrae) in your spine shift out of alignment it puts pressure on the spinal nerves, which causes an interruption to the nerve flow in the body.  This condition is called a vertebral subluxation.


Why is a subluxation a big deal? You must remember that the spinal cord and nerves are the lifeline from the brain to the body, and the brain controls the entire body by sending messages through the spinal cord and nerves.   The brain cannot properly send messages to parts of the body when subluxations are present.


A Doctor of Chiropractic evaluates the spine to look for spinal imbalances and vertebral subluxations.  Detection and elimination of subluxations through chiropractic adjustments will lead to a healthy nervous system, which ultimately leads to healthy function.


Subluxations can begin at birth and progress throughout life.  You are never too young or too old to receive chiropractic care.  Interruption to proper nerve flow by subluxations can affect your overall health in all walks of life.


Dr. Marjorie and Dr. Bryan have undergone additional training and coursework in chiropractic care for pregnant women and children to help them achieve optimal health.  They are proud members of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association. 


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