The temperature is dropping making it a perfect time to stay warm through body heat.  If you have a little one, it is a great opportunity to enjoy the benefits of wearing your baby in a wrap.  Below are just four of the many benefits to wearing your baby:

  1.  Babies get used to moving with the mother during pregnancy.  Therefore, moving around with the mom or dad in a wrap is calming and can have a soothing effect.
  2. The stimulation received while in a wrap helps babies breathe and grow more efficiently.  This connection can be attributed to the fact that more contact between mother and baby can help establish and maintain a good breastfeeding relationship.
  3. Being worn in a wrap enhances brain development as babies are exposed to a myriad of sounds and experiences.  Since the baby is positioned closer to eye level, he/she will feel included in conversations and interactions, which can boost speech development.
  4. Baby wearing frees mom or dad’s hands to get other things accomplished.  Perhaps you need to push a stroller with your other child, wash dishes or prepare veggies for dinner…You can!  It’s that simple.

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