Are you a car owner?  I bet you didn’t think that being a car owner could teach you a lesson about health.  It can!  Any car owner knows that if your car is out of alignment, the tires will wear unevenly.  What you may not realize is your shocks, struts, springs, and ball joints are also being stressed. All of these parts of the car are being abnormally worn and torn, as well. Replacing the tires will not fix the problem. Driving the car less often, slower, or in a different fashion will not stop the wear and tear either.  The longer we have the misalignment and the more severe it becomes, the greater the wear and tear becomes on the car and the more expensive it will likely cost to fix it.  We, as car owners, chose to keep our cars aligned.  Why?  Perhaps you do for your safety, to save money in the long run, or to keep your car running longer.

We, like cars, are subject to the same rules. A misaligned spine will change the biomechanics of your body. In other words, it affects the way your arms, legs, and all the joints of your body function and how they move. Any misalignment in your spine will abnormally wear and tear the discs in the spine, the knee joint, hip joint, shoulder joint, and other weight bearing joints. The biggest and most important difference is that you cannot replace joints of the body like you can the joints in a car.  Have you had your spine checked for proper alignment?

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